Monday, 12 September 2016

You're having a...

... Giraffe!

Okay that sounded so much more funnier when I was planning the intro to today's blog entry!

But I like humour and I like fashion and accessories with humour, a little silliness to the sometimes serious business of fashion is always a welcome breath of fresh air!

And Paul Smith have come up trumps with this little wonder! I work in accessories (product development) for Paul Smith and each season we have a little treat from the company! This season I ran so fast to the shop to grab my somewhat ridiculous if not epic piece of knitwear!

I mean how many hours at my desk will I spend just lifting my arm up and down, in fact why confine it to my desk at work... The opportunities!

Disclaimer: I know I look very pee'd off in these photos but I can't smile, inside I was whooping and smiling and high fiving!

Fun in fashion has been a big trend that had spread from the catwalks and higher end labels such as Anya Hindmarch to the highstreet with Skinny Dip and Lazy Oaf really pushing the ridiculous boundaries in apparel and accessories.

And Lazy Oaf haven't let me down with a very cute pony version but in a dress! I may have to purchase this; if I research hard enough I might just be able to get myself a zoo! Go to Lazy Oaf for more fun!

Oh and from Skinny Dip  - I am just going to leave this here!


Sunday, 11 September 2016

I'm a laaaaaady!

I am in love with this dress. Its official.
Bought from a charity shop for £2.50 it's probably is my best charity buy of all time! And I buy alot from charity shops!

Its a really versatile piece and is great for the transitional fashion period in to the colder months that are no doubt upon us in the UK!

How to wear:

I have been wearing with my DM sandals for lazy summer days hanging around and with my chunky ankle boot heels, for nights out.

I am super excited for Autumn when I can throw on a chunky cardi and a pair of Converse high tops, which gives this dress a sartorial nod to the grunge of the 90's that is forever the backbone to my styling.

Vintage dress from  I might have to buy this TBH!!!

You can find other similar dresses from sites like Rock My Vintage and ASOS who have a selection of great tea dresses.

This dressier tea dress from will also look great with high top pumps!

When you hit the big 4-0 its nothing to be scared of, trust me I wear all kinds of inappropriate  outfits for my "age" and who the hell cares! I guess it should be me, but I really don't. If I personally feel great then whatever's!

This outfit however is acceptable for my "age", but I still felt young and fresh in it by styling with the Converse for example. I did feel a tiny bit like a lady. OK a slightly immature lady but a lady of sorts non the less!

Have fun being a ladddddddddddy!!!!!!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

For one day only...

... It was a summers day!

I'm not the biggest fan of the warmer months, preferring a 120 denier tight and chunky knit cardi in the winter! But I decided to grab today by the burning hot balls and I ventured out!

What Clydie wore:

I wore white high waisted vintage Levis mom jeans, a crop top with a cute white almost Aztec design and strappy Dr. Martens sandals, oh and don't forget my beloved cowboy style neck tie!

White High Waist  Vintage Levis Jeans from HELP THE AGED

Cropped black and white top from H&M
Cowboy Necktie from CHARITY SHOP

Black patent sandals from DR. MARTENS

I felt comfortable in this outfit today, heat and confidence wise. The high waisted jeans covered all the wobbly parts well which meant the crop top didn't scare me so much! 


My Dr. Martens have been with me for years and everytime I put them on I feel really on trend! Super comfy and will go with any outfit; jeans, dresses, crop trousers you name it they look super cool!

All in all a great day, even if all I did was nip to the Post Office... But when I nipped, I nipped in a sassy way!