Wednesday, 24 August 2016

For one day only...

... It was a summers day!

I'm not the biggest fan of the warmer months, preferring a 120 denier tight and chunky knit cardi in the winter! But I decided to grab today by the burning hot balls and I ventured out!

What Clydie wore:

I wore white high waisted vintage Levis mom jeans, a crop top with a cute white almost Aztec design and strappy Dr. Martens sandals, oh and don't forget my beloved cowboy style neck tie!

White High Waist  Vintage Levis Jeans from HELP THE AGED

Cropped black and white top from H&M
Cowboy Necktie from CHARITY SHOP

Black patent sandals from DR. MARTENS

I felt comfortable in this outfit today, heat and confidence wise. The high waisted jeans covered all the wobbly parts well which meant the crop top didn't scare me so much! 


My Dr. Martens have been with me for years and everytime I put them on I feel really on trend! Super comfy and will go with any outfit; jeans, dresses, crop trousers you name it they look super cool!

All in all a great day, even if all I did was nip to the Post Office... But when I nipped, I nipped in a sassy way!


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